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August 4, 2020

Welcome to Nationwide Roofing’s first blog post!

If you stumbled across this post, perhaps you’re interesting in finding out if you have roof damage due to a recent hail storm or hurricane. Regardless of if you have a residential or commercial property, we’re happy to say that you’re in the right spot. We’re excited to share our very own tips, tricks, and updates with you!

Our team at Nationwide Roofing stands by the core philosophy that integrity is longevity. Since we have a deep understanding of the insurance claims process, we are able to ensure that our clients are being made whole when the insurance companies try to get out of their obligations. Over the years, we have overturned thousands of denied and underfunded claims and given our clients full roof replacements.

Nationwide Roofing proudly stands by our core philosophy that integrity is longevity. It separates us from our competition.

Nationwide Roofing in Orlando, FL & Central Florida

Florida is known for its warm weather and sunshine, but it’s also a location that has severe weather frequently, such as hail, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. The extreme weather that Florida endures can greatly impact the roof on your home or business. That’s where we come in; we provide free roof inspections so you know that you can rest assured knowing the condition of your roof.

Nationwide Roofing also operates in a few states up north. Fortunately, Illinois and Virginia doesn’t have quite as much hurricane risk as Florida does. However, extreme storms still do affect these areas with heavy rain, large hail, and high winds. It's likely that your home or business has been affected by a recent storm. Our team always offers free roof inspections to assess your damage.

Nationwide Roofing Free Inspections

Our experienced team will identify any roof damage you may have and help you file an insurance claim. We’ve helped so many clients get a new roof at little or no cost to them. We make the process as simple and stress-free for you as possible. That way, your biggest concern is what color you'd like your new roof to be. A lot of roofers can put on a great roof, but when it comes to getting someone else to pay for it – we stand far above the rest!

Continue to follow us and check out the latest news and updates from Nationwide Roofing.

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