Hurricane Season Has Arrived

August 5, 2020

Hurricane season has arrived and experts predict a very active season this year for 2020. Initial forecasts that were predicted back in the spring have been accurate so far; we’re off to a hyperactive start. Meteorologists expect the season to be so active that they may even run out of storm names.

2020 Hurricane Season Predictions

The Atlantic basin generated nine named tropical storms by the end of July. In contrast, the historical average of named storms by the end of July is about one storm. Some experts believe that there will be between 20-25 named tropical storms this season. Of those, nine to 12 are expected to turn into hurricanes. Furthermore, four to six hurricanes are expected to be major hurricanes that are a category three or greater. Based on these statistics, meteorologists predict that this year’s hurricane season could rival the historic 2005 season, which produced 28 named storms.

Meteorologists predict that this year’s hurricane season could rival the historic and very active 2005 season.

Hurricane Season Timeline

Hurricane season starts at the beginning of June and end of November. The statistical peak of hurricane season is typically around the middle of September. Last year, Dorian, occurred very close to that specific timeframe. Hurricane Dorian was the most intense and damaging storm of the season. Florida is known to have a lengthy peak season that runs from August through October.

As the peak of hurricane season is approaching, it’s imperative to take precautions and stay informed.
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